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The chicken is brought from a poultry farm in Maharashtra. Each chicken is bred as per proper breeding cycle and feeds on maize, soya and corn. Once the bird is 6-8 weeks old and approx.1.5 kg in live weight, it is slaughtered for human consumption and brought in insulated reefer vehicles to our in-house butchery and central kitchen. The age of slaughtering and the feed determines a tender and healthy bird. Once it reaches our central kitchen, it is re-checked for quality. We use only premium parts of chicken in all our cuts. The chicken is checked for any infections or diseases and is free of any sort of antibiotics or growth hormones. The process of chicken slaughtering is as per the HACCP and ISO norms.


Fish is brought directly off the west coast of India – Maharashtra and Gujarat from boats that go 300-400 nautical miles into the ocean, away from the polluted shores of Mumbai. In non-season time (rainy season) fish may be sourced from the East coast of India. Once caught and bought in the first auction in the early mornings, we bring it in clean fresh ice in our insulated vans from the coast to our central kitchen. It's then rechecked for quality before being cut and vacuum packaged for home delivery.

Sausages / Deli Meats

The sausages that we sell are 75% meat/fat and 25% water, skin, herbs, milk etc. The casings used are natural and most of as sausages are currently handmade.

The back bacon is made from the loin of the carcass and the streaky bacon from the belly of the carcass. Ham is pure ham from the hind leg of the carcass.


Pork is sourced from Deonar slaughterhouse by our partner chef and butcher to a separate butchery location. It is stored and delivered from this location. Again, pork is selected keeping in mind carcass quality and safety. Carcass size of 40-60kgs is selected to get meatier cuts and better meat to bone ratio. It is cut, cleaned and packaged at this location and consolidated separately from this location for delivery to our customers.

Goat / Lamb

Our lambs and goats are sourced directly from the government authorized abbatoir at Deonar. Here several farmers/ traders bring their livestock for sale. Most of the goats/ lambs that are brought are from farmlands of Maharashtra, Gujarat and some neighboring states. They eat natural grass and drink water from well and rivers. Our purchase team and butchers select the meat on basis of various parameters such as age (4-6 months), gender (male) and weight (6-8kg). The animal is screened on health by animal doctors and the finest carcass is brought to our central kitchen and in-house butchery. Once at our in-house butchery and kitchen, it is further checked for quality and cut as per prime specifications such as leg, shoulder, chops after trimming the fat and wastage. Finally, clean net weight portions are tray packed and delivered in temperature controlled environment to your home. The meat is HALAL and FSSAI certified.

Buffalo Meat

Our buffalo cuts are sourced directly from the government authorized abbatoir at Deonar. Here several farmers/ traders bring their livestock for sale. Most of the buffalos that are brought are from farmlands of Maharashtra and some neighbouring states. Like lambs/ goats, the meat is checked and selected by our butchers and purchase team. The slaughterhouse follows humane slaughtering methods and has a clean conveyor system for slaughter of buffalo. Our butchery for buffalo is managed at an independent butchery location and ready cut, cleaned packages of buffalo cuts are delivered from this location to our central kitchen. The meat is HALAL and FSSAI certified.