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Mumbaikar’s ask themselves these questions every day. So we bring to you The Seafood & Meat Co. - a specialised non-vegetarian foods home delivery service that focuses on food safety and on-time deliveries, while providing access to the largest and finest basket of non-vegetarian foods.

The non-vegetarian food industry in our country is largely un-organised and fragmented. There are numerous local butcher shops and fish mongers selling non-vegetarian foods without any standards of safety and cleanliness. There is an urgent need for better practises in the industry. So our involvement and expertise lies at all the stages of the product - sourcing, handling, storing and delivery.

The widest array of fresh and wholesome produce

Multiple payment options

Delivery within 24 hours at your doorstep


Professional in-house cutting

Food Literate Team

Our entire team is paranoid about “Food safety”, and has experience in maintaining cold chain for highly perishable non-vegetarian food products. We have skilled professionals in-house for cleaning, cutting and chopping of food products.

Our delivery men undergo a strict training program prior to recruitment. When on board, their overall grooming and delivery performance are consistently checked basis feedback received from customers

It is mandatory for every staff to use disposable gloves, caps and aprons while handling and packaging of food items. Each staff goes through periodical health check-ups to ensure they are free from any illnesses/diseases.


Our Durable Packaging

Insulated Delivery Boxes

At the Seafood & Meat Co., we place added attention on safe packaging for enhancing product shelf life and quality. Our vacuum packaging technique involves the use of a food grade pouch made from materials that provide a strong barrier of protection against abrasion, moisture migration and gas permeability.

Fresh seafood and meat cuts are placed inside the pouch and the vacuum machine then removes the residual air from the pouch and seals the pouch to prevent air from returning to the pouch. Several types of bacteria thrive in oxygenated environment and spoil the texture, colour, taste and consumption quality of the food. These bacteria are also the cause of a number of food borne illnesses.

We ensure, through our packaging, that the food is almost 100% bacteria free. The lack of oxygen in the package greatly increases the shelf- life and preserves freshness of our products.

These vacuum packaged products are delivered to the customers place in Insulated Ice boxes and bags. Inside these boxes, we place sufficient number of Ice Packs which maintain an optimal temperature for food products. We refrain from using ice in crushed or cube form because on melting due to outside temperatures, ice can create a messy affair for the customer


Our Fulfillment centre

Our Delivery Vehicles

"We use new and imported technology for maintaining cold chain while delivery. All our delivery vans have been fitted with superior insulated boxes that carry ice plates within them. These ice plates help us to maintain a consistent temperature of 0-4 degrees for a delivery time of 4-6 hours, thus making sure that the seafood and meat products we supply stay fresh and safe for a longer period."

Our modern fulfillment centre is strategically located to manage seamless deliveries to Mumbai city. At the storage, we have a well-insulated cold room to maintain required temperature of -18C for frozen products. Inside the cold room, products are stacked separately as per product category.

At the storage facility, we use a blast freezer for quick freezing. Additionally, refrigeration equipment for ambient and chilled products at +3C is available. There is a separate section assigned for cleaning, cutting, chopping, and packaging of food products.

The cold room ensures periodical audit by certified labs, which also carry out sample tests to ensure food safety and hygiene standards.

A weighing scale is available to derive the accurate weight of the product sold to the consumer. This benefits the consumer to understand the portions for consumptions.

The transportation to the customers place is done in a clean vehicle. All vehicles are regularly washed to avoid any contamination