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  • Raw Salmon Fillet 250g

    Raw Salmon Fillet 250g

    The Seafood & Meat Co.
  • John Dory Fillet - Farmed 400-500Gms

    John Dory Fillet - Farmed 400-500Gms

    Songfish, Australia
  • Chicken Nuggets 14-16pcs - Ready to cook

    Chicken Nuggets 14-16pcs - Ready to cook

    The Seafood & Meat Co.
  • Mutton Grill Burger Patty 4pcs - Ready to cook

    Mutton Grill Burger Patty 4pcs - Ready to cook

    The Seafood & Meat Co.

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The Seafood &
Meat Co.

We are passionate providers of seafood and meat, bringing you the finest at your doorstep. We know no other way than to give you the freshest from the farm and the shore.
As lovers of meat and its fresh consumption, we conceived this company with the idea of providing it to every user in its freshest and healthiest form. To do this, we have very strict methods for screening the meat and seafood we source and the authorities we source from. Right from the time the produce is sourced to the time it is delivered to you, we have the team of experts to inspect the meat and seafood at every stage.
Our range of meat and seafood is sourced and butchered by our in-house procurement team and expert butchers. Firstly, it arrives chilled and is handled and stored at the required temperature to make sure the produce is free from bacteria or any harmful contamination. It is fresh, cut to order and prepared especially for you – which ensures that the produce is cut on a daily basis and as per your customized requirement. After the cleaning, the fresh me at and seafood cuts are individually vacuum packed or tray packed and sent across in an insulated food box with ice packs ensuring that it arrives cut-fresh to your home.
Our assortment of seafood and meat aims to pander to every palate, right from the connoisseurs of food to the foodies at home. Our values are plain and clear. We want to give you only the freshest of the fresh while detailing dedicatedly to every possible safeguard. The Seafood and Meat Co. is FSSAI and Halal certified and we adhere to highest levels of hygiene and sanitation.
We aim to tantalize your taste buds with every piece we send out. Try us, and you are sure to be coming back for more!